Last Will and Testament

This LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT FORM may be used by a person who intends to instruct BROOKES MANGAN to prepare a Last Will and Testament (a “Will”). It must be completed by the person in whose name the Will is to be made (the “Testator”) or, if he/she is unable to do so, at his/her request. An appointment must also be made with a lawyer at BROOKES MANGAN at a later date by (or on behalf of) the Testator so that the Testator can confirm the contents of the Will before the date of signing. If the Testator is unable to visit our office, the appointment may take place elsewhere at the Testator’s request.


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Last Will and Testament
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Full Name, address and occupation of person(s) you would like to appoint as executor(s) of your will:

Executor 1:
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Trustee 1:

Full Name, address and occupation of any persons you wish to appoint as trustees (If different from executor):

Trustee 2:


If you have only one beneficiary to whom you wish to bequeath or devise your personal and real estate assets, you need not itemize these assets in the following two sections.  To itemize your personal assets in those sections, simply list the headings.  E.g. “Jewelry, Vehicles, Bank Accounts” etc.

List all of your personal assets, including bank accounts, insurance policies, shares, jewelry, furniture, motor vehicles etc.:
List all of your real estate assets (including description or property, address, and where possible registration references such as volume and liber numbers. Where possible, also send us a copy of your title to any property to be disposed of in your will:.

Current Debts and Liabilities

State how you propose to pay any debts or liabilities that may be outstanding at the time that your will is probated. (E.g. Your Executor may be instructed to pay your debts/liabilities, such as funeral expenses, from a specific bank account or from your residuary estate).:

List of Beneficiaries

(Give the Beneficiary’s full name, address and relationship to you (daughter, cousin, friend, care-giver, etc) or status (e.g. charitable organization or university). State which asset(s) or portion thereof you would like each beneficiary to receive. If you have similar assets that you wish to bequeath or devise to two or more beneficiaries, please describe each in adequate detail to avoid uncertainty for your Executor/Executrix. You may also state alternate person(s) to receive that beneficiary’s share of your estate should he/she pre-decease you or (if an organization) no longer exist. If no such person is named and your beneficiary pre-deceases you or is defunct, their share of your estate will become part of your residuary estate).

Enter text:

Residue Clause

Name(s), address(es), relationship of person(s) who you would like to receive your residuary estate (usually after payment of your debts and funeral expenses). Your residuary estate comprises those of your assets that you have intentionally or inadvertently not specifically disposed of in your will.

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Contact Information

In addition to the above information, please inform us how we may contact you (whether by email, telephone, postal or otherwise).

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Notes: If you are unsure of information being requested or if it doesn’t apply to you (e.g. you own no Real Estate) please indicate this in the relevant area on the form and, if necessary, we will contact you. If you would like any special instruction/stipulation included in your Will or with regard to any beneficiary (e.g. you may prefer your Executor to pay a beneficiary a bequeathed sum in increments instead of a single payment) please indicate next to that beneficiary’s name or at the end of this form. If you have any questions whatsoever regarding the completion of this form, please email Deborah Brookes-Mangan at or

Guarantee: We wish to assure you that any information sent to us via this form (and, likewise, any documents or information submitted or communicated to us at BROOKES MANGAN) will be safeguarded in absolute confidence.

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