Divorce/Dissolution of Marriage

This form should be used if you have decided to make an application to the court for divorce/dissolution to end your marriage. This form allows you to submit information which a client would normally give to his/her lawyer during the initial appointment, without the need to attend at the office in person. You will, however, be required to communicate further and meet with a lawyer at BROOKES MANGAN before the date of any court proceedings as each individual situation is different.

You are the person referred to in this form as the “Petitioner”. Your spouse is the person referred to in this form as the “Respondent”. The information provided will enable us to start preparing the Petition document for your divorce. Please respond to all requests for information on the form, but if you are unsure of a response or do not think that the requested information applies to you, please indicate this on the form and we will contact you.


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Divorce/Dissolution of Marriage
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Have you filed proceedings relating to your marriage or to the children of the marriage in St. Kitts and Nevis or elsewhere? If so, where, and what is the status of those proceedings?:
Are you aware of any proceedings being filed by the repondent relating To The marriage or to the children of the marriage in St. Kitts and Nevis or elsewhere? If so, where and what is the status of those proceedings?:
List the full names, gender and ages of the children of the family. Say whether they are children of both parties (Testator and Respondent) (Natural or Adopted), or other children of the family:
List the full names, gender and ages of children of either party who are not children of the family (including those who are born to or adopted by one party):
On what ground (reason for the Divorce) are you applying for a Divorce from the respondent?:
Are you seeking a financial order from the court?:
For yourself?:
For your children?:

If your Petition for Divorce is being filed on the ground that the respondent has committed adultery, you may decide to name a third party as Co-Respondent in the divorce. It is not necessary for a third party to be named even if you know his/her identity. The only instance in which you, the Petitioner, must name the third party is if you wish to make a claim for legal costs against that person. If you make the decision to add a third party, you will need discuss this with your lawyer in more detail than this form allows, as there may be risks involved in doing so.

Guarantee: We wish to assure you that any information sent to us via this form (and, likewise, any documents or information submitted or communicated to us at BROOKES MANGAN)will be safeguarded in absolute confidence. You may wish, as an alternative, to make an appointment by calling (869) 663-0303(mobile) or (869) 465-4111 (landline).

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